Ian Williams and Katie Mosehauer are The Thoughts, a classically-influenced duo that write emotionally-charged, cinematic songs. Their music is rooted in the fraught and introspective narratives woven into Ian’s lyrics and melodies, with each song colored by varying soundscapes of violins, viola, cello, harp, piano, harmoniums, and organ, which are all composed, performed, and recorded by Katie. Their combined creative efforts yield songs that are intense, dramatic, and moving, and have been compared to everything from Jeff Buckley and Radiohead to a symphony and classical opera.


Their paths converged in 2009 with a “violinist wanted” ad answered by Katie. Soon after, the two classically-trained musicians, with fast mutual respect for what each brought to the table, began their partnership as The Thoughts. After honing their collaborative process with 2011’s full-length “I Won’t Keep You Here”, Ian and Katie embarked on a long, purposeful journey to further refine their creative process. Impressed and allured by the symphonic sounds of early Scott Walker, the recordings of the “wall-of-sound” era, and the orchestrations of composers such as Berlioz and Bach whose music they had studied intently, Ian and Katie plunged into exploring how to hone and capture the vast, orchestral sound they desired.


The Thoughts are currently working from their studio in Seattle and performing regionally as a duo and with an expanded string ensemble.

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